Hi, I'm Nadia, founder of Chamarel Designs.  I design and make silver and gold jewellery incorporating precious and semi-precious gemstones from my London studio.  I tend not to follow trends as I believe individuals create their own style.  To me Chamarel Designs is "Quality Craftsmanship - Sustainability - Unique".

My journey with Chamarel Designs began after my mum passed away in 2014.  I needed an escapism to alleviate my grief.  Jewellery was something I always held a passion for.  Whenever I travelled I would be on the lookout for the next addition to my ever growing collection, something unique and quirky, so this seemed like the ideal world for me to become lost in.  I now find myself surrounded in creativity, artistry…and silver!


Chamarel is one of the first places I can remember my mum saying she’d take me to when we visited her home country of Mauritius.  My memories of the cascades and coloured earths are that of natural beauty.  I wanted to make sure that the name I chose to represent my jewellery was somehow reflective of the person who has had the most influence on my life and of great meaning to her as well.

Travel inspires me more than anything in my life.  My jewellery is influenced by the adventures, cultures and landscapes that I experience; the people I meet, who share their lives with me and the memories I make along the way.

Every Chamarel Designs piece is very personal to me.  I hope that the bijoux I make becomes a great addition to your collection and that you too become consumed by my passion.