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Care Instructions

When not wearing your bijou, store it in a grip seal bag or soft fabric pouch in order to maintain its finish and prevent tarnish.  


Wearing silver regularly will keep tarnish from building up.  If you do begin to see it darken, I recommend using a silver cleaning cloth, like that available from our online shop, to polish your piece and restore its brightness.  


Avoid the silver from coming into contact with household cleaning products, perfume and chlorinated or salt water as these can all tarnish or even damage your jewellery.  Even resting sterling silver on wooden surfaces, especially oak can spoil the surface of it due to acids usually contained in wood.  


As aluminium is a soft metal you need to be extra gentle with it.  It does not tarnish but as it picks up dirt and oils, these will cause it to become dull.  Aluminium will lose some of its shininess as over time it corrodes slightly.  


As with most metals I recommend soaking the metal in soapy water (use washing up liquid) for several minutes and then rub the jewellery between your hands.  Rinse with warm water and leave to air dry.